Our animals

The dog

Franse bulldog Ollie

Our dog Ollie, a 13 years old french bulldog, is a very sweet dog, and luckily not a beggar. We would appreciate it if you could keep it that way and do not give him snacks. With some extra attention you will make him very happy as well.

The rabbits

'Butterfly' rabbit John and French lop rabbits; Roger and Jacob. We are eagerly looking for a girlfriend for the boys.

The chickens

Onze Marans-kippen

Unfortunately, no chickens at this time. The chicken cage must first be made fox and marter proof. But before the season begins we will have cozy chickens and fresh eggs.

The sheep

Odilia met Lammechien

We are currently stil in the lambingseason but our 16 sheep Emma, Xena, Odylia, Odette, Twins Wendy & Wanda, Eline, Jeanine, Michelle, Olivia and Janneke and the adopted Oenkie, Xavia, WiTo, Agnes and Roosje have until now 22 lambs, including 2 triplets! Very special. Our 2014 bottlelamb, Janneke, got 1 boy. Unlike her mother, Janneke loves the little lamb. She just keeps sniffing him. And she's worried that he walks too far away from her or that she loses him. In the evening she doesn't enter the stable together with the others, but she remains behind, and it even takes us trouble to get her in.